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Evacuation!! [10-15-04 at 5pm]
[ mood | curious ]

OMG the craziest thing happened at school today. I had just got back from lunch and I was at my locker. There were a whole bunch of teachers at the end of the hall so I thought there was a fight or something, but then a teacher comes and tells us to start evacuating that hallway. Just as I started to leave the fire alarm went off. I heard that it was a chemical spill. So we waited outside for about 25 min. and then they sent us to the elementry school across the street because it was raining out. Inside that school, a teacher told us that if anyone had been in the hallway I was in than we needed to go to the front of the school to be decontaminated. So I went and when I got there they had closed the road, there was caution tape all around, and tons of firetrucks and ambulances. The people who were contaminated had to wait in the rain for a very long time until they brought a bus with heating for us to go on. We waited on the bus for like 2 hours. Outside they were setting up these showers on our front lawn. They were actually like sprinklers with a bunch of tarps around. Eventually we had to take all of our clothes off except for our underwear and then like 5 firefighters had to scrub us with these scratchy brushes. Then they made us put on these plastic suits and we got on the bus to be taken to the hospital. On the way they checked our blood pressure and things like that. So when we got to the hospital there were tons of news crews there trying to interview us. We went inside and phoned our parents to pick us up. Everybody was safe, but I don't get my clothes back until next week. I'm not sure if the school will be open on Monday but it most likely will. Anyway I gotta go watch the news!

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[9-3-04 at 4pm]
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